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Ultra Echo Scan

A system of algorithms for automatic detection of Congenital Heart Defects in Neonates


A set of algorithms to detect congenital heart defects in newborns

We have developed advanced prototypes of solutions to support fetal and neonatal diagnostics based on artificial intelligence algorithm systems, which have the potential to solve an important global problem in the field of cardiology – early detection of congenital heart defects.

The solution is being developed by leading medical and AI scientists.

Congenital heart disease (CHD)

CHD is the most common class of birth defect, affecting 8 in 1000 live births, with approximately one-quarter of these children needing intervention in the 1rst year of life.

Advances in congenital heart surgery have improved survival rates for neonates and infants with CHD, and efforts are now being made to optimize perinatal and preoperative factors to promote improvements in outcomes. A diagnosis of CHD before birth allows prenatal counseling and coordination of delivery at an experienced cardiac center. Evidence now suggests that a prenatal diagnosis may lead to bene!ts in early postnatal status and outcomes in certain critical forms of CHD

Congenital heart defects occur in about 1% of live-born newborns, and a screening echocardiogram performed on all newborns would be a great diagnostic tool. Unfortunately, due to the lack of specialists and appropriate equipment in all neonatology centers, the introduction of this examination as mandatory is impossible, although such an idea is very interesting (Prof. Leslaw Szydlowski, MD, Chair and Clinic of Pediatric Cardiology, Silesian Medical University in Katowice).


Our aim is to solve key diagnostic challenges
in the area of childbirth and child health.

Who are we?

We are the consortium of experts, passionate researchers and professionals from the medicine, Ai and business world.

Together we create an ecosystem of AI-based services, telemedicine solutions and cloud computing applications. Products of the future.

Prof. dr hab.
Przemysław Oszukowski

Tomasz Bartosiak

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Wiktor Strzelczyk

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Our Investors

The creation of the web application “Ultra Echo Scan – System for Automatic Detection of the Presence of Congenital Heart Defects in Newborns as a Result of UKG Examination Using AI Models” was co-financed under the BRIdge Alpha Grant Project Measure 1.3.1 of the Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020 co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, private investors and own funds.

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